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When you go to therapy to heal, it doesn’t mean that you are erasing the pain and trauma of the past. All of our experiences are stored in our subconscious database and we cannot delete any entry. What we can do is change our perception about our experiences, and that can change our entire reality. Hence, to heal is to claim back our energy that was stuck in the past. We do this by processing our emotions and letting go of our judgments, which puts us in charge of our life. Contrary to what many people think, healing doesn’t necessarily look like feeling joyous or strong, sometimes it looks like feeling neutral about what was previously traumatic. You will know you have moved forward when you can think of what used to disturb you, and feel at peace.

To empower our community to move forward from the recent past, we have teamed up with Women Of Hong Kong to organize a virtual summit called “Step Forward Hong Kong”. Our intention is to provide the community with tangible tools to deal with the impact of all the external changes we have experienced. Even if a change is positive, we can have a tough time dealing with it as we tend to associate change with being out of control. It is time now to release the influence of the environment and be in charge of our lives. In this summit we will have over 12 fantastic speakers share their expertise on what we can do to rehabilitate ourselves, overcome anxiety, move through loss, gain clarity, and step forward to an empowered future. Click on the banner below to register.

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