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What a month it has been! With the entrance of COVID-19 into our lives, we have seen changes on so many levels; our communication methods, work, and family life all look different. It is evident that we are an incredibly adaptable species; we have implemented changes in our routine and made life work!

My message this month is simple: Acknowledge yourselves for moving forward, and get that there is no going ‘back to normal’ because normal has changed. By the time our planet discovers a treatment for the virus, we would have all adapted to a new way of life, which would probably be more efficient and involve seeing ourselves as part of a global community. For those who think you are doing ‘crisis management’ for now until things return to normal, I encourage you to see this situation as an opportunity to adapt new behaviours that you will continue even when it’s over. In reality, time only moves forward and not backwards. It’s our minds that can get stuck in the past. Just like nature has shown us rainbows after a storm, and history has shown us more liberation after each revolution, I believe something magical will be available for us after this period.

Invitation for the month: Instead of ‘regenerating back’, focus on moving forward towards new ways of maintaining health, relationships, and business that are here to stay.

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