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And just like that- we’ve stepped into 2024! Another year where we can reset, re-create, and move towards new desired outcomes. Have you taken the time to acknowledge what was complete in 2023, and set some goals for 2024?

Although it’s cliché, the New Year always offers an opportunity for you to shed old patterns and move towards a desired future. Although, let’s learn from the past and do it more consciously and realistically. According to the National Science Foundation, over 80% of our daily thoughts follow repetitive patterns, making it challenging to create change, which is why people’s new year enthusiasm has usually lasted for a only few weeks in the past!

With more self-awareness in setting goals you can maintain, self-compassion, commitment, and clarity, we can play to win this year. Here are some guidelines to help you:

  1. Focus your goal on what’s within your control: Set goals that align with your values, support your bigger version for life, and are within your control (make it about your mindset and behaviour, without being attached to external factors). Focus on one change at a time for long term success.
  2. Have Clarity: Be clear about your goal, so you can measure success and identify when you’ve achieved it. Visualise reaching your goal, and your subconscious mind will make it a possible with a roadmap for you!
  3. Believe it can happen: We have both supporting beliefs and sabotaging beliefs, which become our resources or our limitations. Identify beliefs that support your goals and repeat them nightly while visualising your success. Choose beliefs like “I am supported”, “I am capable”, “I trust life”, “I have inner strength”, and “I accept myself”.
  4. Schedule Your Actions: Make space for your goals by scheduling them in your diary, like you would schedule your appointments! Planning for execution increases follow-through and mental readiness, even if it’s months in advance.
  5. Act Promptly without waiting for motivation: Accept initial discomfort and acknowledge emotions while listening to your commitment. When tempted to resist, take action within 5 seconds!
  6. Let go of your attachment to the outcome: Attachment leads to anxiety and affects both your mindset and results. True freedom comes from being at peace with or without your desired outcome!

By applying these 6 simple guidelines, you can set yourself up for success and lasting change. With a grounded approach, you can make meaningful and lasting changes in your life beyond the initial excitement of the new year. The key is to take that first step…All the best!

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