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Happy New Year to you and welcome to a new beginning!

I know that the last year seemed challenging to many people; it required us to step up and face difficult situations, as well as reassess our health, finances and relationships. If this applies to you, please acknowledge that it’s over now! The year now belongs to the past along with all the pain and drama it may have caused. The only thing you have left is your memory, which contains your interpretations and emotions of what happened.

If any of these memories are bringing back emotional charges that are uncomfortable, get that these interpretations are not serving you. Somewhere in there, you are probably still judging that things are unfair and not ‘right’ towards you. One of the biggest gifts you can give yourself is to shift that perspective by accepting what happened, and looking at what you have learned from the situation. This will free yourself from any emotional pain you are carrying forward from 2018, so you can welcome 2019 with a fresh perspective and be inspired to create what you want.

I invite you to think of one thing from last year that is still disturbing you, and ask yourself if you can drop your current perspective, and instead look at what it has taught you and take it as an opportunity to grow. Here’s to leaving our baggage in the past where it belongs, and choosing to be peaceful over being right this year!

We have an exciting year lined up with fantastic new practitioners in the centre, and lots more workshops and training! I look forward to seeing more of you at our space and being a part of your journey.