And just like that we are in the year 2020! Let’s take the New Year as an opportunity to appreciate where we are, and create a vision of where we would like to be. I invite you to take a few mindful moments to acknowledge yourself for 3 things you are proud about in 2019. Then, think about what you want 2020 to be about? If you had to give it a theme, what would that be? Here are a few tips to help you create your goals for the year:

1) Make sure your goals are 100% under your control. Setting goals that are about “making others happy” are pretty much guaranteed to fail because we cannot control anyone else’s responses. Even goals about getting a certain job or passing an interview may not be fully in your control, because it depends on others too. What you can control fully is your thoughts, choices, and actions. The more your goal is about you, the more likely you are to achieve it.

2) Schedule your actions towards it. One of the biggest reasons we don’t achieve things is simply because we haven’t made space for it! If you really want something, spend a few minutes to plan for it and schedule it in your diary. You are far more likely to do something you have planned for because it means you have already thought about it, imagined it, and created time for it, even if it’s months in advance!

3) Check-in on yourself regularly. Defining what you want doesn’t need to be a yearly activity, it could be a regular exercise. You are not the same person as you were last year, so what you want can shift as you evolve. Adding mindfulness and time for self-reflection keeps you conscious of your own evolution.

Wishing you all a beautiful start to the New Year!

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