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Awakening Your Creative Genius with Jaz Goven

“Creativity is genius having fun”

31st January 2023
10:00 am – 11:30 am


Jaz Goven

We all have a Creative Genius. He or She is already within us but often may have been shut down by past events, judgements and criticism from others or situations and people that made you question; this valuable gift and fun part of yourself. Parents, Teachers, and people in authority can often be responsible for this. But once in place it is ‘us’ who maintain the shutdown for fear of being laughed at, making an mistake and other fears or stories we hold onto. Many of which can have happened before the age of 7

So, what to do? Recognizing you have a creative genius is the first step to awakening this gift you already are. Take the second step with Fast Track Technique and me and explore your subconscious programing, discovering when this ‘shutdown’ happened, who was involved and release the blocks, barriers, doubts and fears you no longer need and invite your creative genius to come out and play!

Fast Track Technique is the premier tool for releasing negative programming and the only thing that can change is your life….


(Part 1 and Part 2)


Online via Zoom