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Behind The Mask: Transforming Doubts & Fears with Jaz Goven

Sometimes it’s not the people who change but the mask that falls off.

6th December 2022
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Jaz Goven

We have many masks we wear at different times and on different occasions. There’s the Mother mask, the Professional Mask, The Wife, and the Husband masks. The Son and the Daughter mask. Then there’s the ‘I’m fine’ mask and the ‘Yes’ mask, the Joker mask and many, more. They are all useful but where is the real true you? What are you hiding from and why? What camouflage are you ready to discard and be more of who you are now?

AND, what’s really going on behind the masks you wear? Who would you BE if you dropped your mask and let yourself be seen, heard, respected, vulnerable, loved?

Society, religion, educators tell us we need to be a certain way and, in doing so, we compromise ourselves, our truth, integrity, and value of self. We ‘fit in’ with what they want and lose parts of ourselves along the way.

In this powerful FTT Workshop delve deeply and take off the mask of fitting in, pretending, limitations and self-sabotage. We face our doubts and fears around breaking the ‘mold’ of other’s expectations and re-emerge more powerful, confident, expansive, and expressive as our own self in our own way.




Online via Zoom