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Dare to Change with Sonia Samtani

Bringing Mental Wellness to Macau

9th September 2023
30th September 2023
21st October 2023
2:00 pm – 5:30 pm


Sonia Samtani

1. The Power of Thought & Visualization (9th September 2023)
People commonly think that thoughts create reality, whereas they don’t, it’s your perception that creates reality. In this workshop, you will understand the workings of your mind, and how to use the process of visualization to powerfully manifest your desired outcome.

2. Effective communication in Relationships (30th September 2023)
Regardless of how well you know a person, communication is an essential element in your relationship – and there’s always room for more growth and understanding! In this workshop, you will understand your own communication style, as well as those around you. The result is a visibly enhanced relationship and effective communication!

3. Conscious Parenting (21st October 2023)
Conscious parenting Is an approach to raising children where parents are aware of the impact that the environment has on the child’s development, and focuses on the child’s emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. In this workshop, you will gain an understanding of how your child is developing mentally as they grow, and gain useful tools to nurture your child to attain their potential.


Per session: HKD1,200
All 3 sessions: HKD3,000

For Macau:
Company: Energy sparkles
Contact person: Marcia Silva
+853 6881 0377

For Hong Kong:
Please connect with All About You Centre.

Grand Coloane Resort
1918 Estrada de Hac Sa | Coloane, Macau