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Freedom to Love: Fear of Vulnerability with Jaz Goven

Take this first step with me and improve your relationship with love.

19th April 2023
10:00 am -12:00 pm


Jaz Goven

Be warned: Freedom to Love is NOT just another feel-good workshop that gets you all psyched
up and tells you to think positively and say a billion affirmations you know are not true. You have done that before, and it rarely seems to work as advertised.

The truth is that getting the positive changes you want in your relationships and love life requires diving into your old programing in a deeper, more powerful way than you have done before. You need to harness the power of your subconscious mind and make the changes right there where the negative happened and is still being stored and remembered.

Why? Weil if you leave old ‘stuck stuff’ unattended, the next time you try something different or new that old stuff comes up – into the present – and projects itself into the future. And it is this that sabotages you, your relationships, and your ability to love and be loved no matter what you consciously think!

Fortunately, we now have Fast Track Technique which can bypass your conscious mind and delve deeply into that murky old stuff which is still creating fears and limitation in present time.

In Freedom to love we will look at 4 of the BIGGEST FEARS BLOCKING LOVE.

We will clear, release, and heal:

  1. Fear of Vulnerability
  2. Fear of Intimacy
  3. Fear of Losing Freedom
  4. Fear of Separation from God

These workshops are designed as a series that builds on itself OR as a stand-alone workshop depending on your current relationship with LOVE and BEING LOVED.

We have been taught to be strong, not show our feelings, protect ourselves from being hurt – betrayed – abandoned – cheated and more. Often this fear is based on parental relationships and how Mum treated Dad or vice versa.  We learn it and we do it! However, instead of making us stronger it just puts up bigger and stronger barriers to love, loving and being loved.  We train ourselves to ‘look’ for what we don’t want to keep ourselves safe. However, just that very thing brings to us that which we don’t want because that’s where our awareness is focused and that is what we attract time after time after….

Join me and FTT in this Love Relationship workshop and release the past hurts, pains, beliefs that are protecting you from Love. Allowing yourself to BE vulnerable is one of the most powerful gifts you can give to yourself, your partner and family members. When you can BE vulnerable you embrace the strength of choice how to respond instead of reacting.

Take this first step with me and improve your relationship with love.




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Online via Zoom