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Hypnotherapy Sessions

Allergies are created when our subconscious mind associates a stimulus with the idea of a threat. These messages can be created in childhood, adulthood (or even past lives) and are also stored in our cellular memories so that every time we are in touch with the stimulus, the ‘negative’ association gets triggered and we have a reaction. Allergies can be treated effectively by figuring out what that association is and disentangling that association from deep inside your subconscious mind.

In hypnotherapy, we do this through regression work by taking you back to what that association is and releasing it from the source where it was first created.

For people who have done hypnotherapy before, it is possible to remove allergies in as little as a single session. For newer clients or if there is more than 1 association, it may that take 4 – 5 sessions.

Allergies can include and not limited to:

  • Dust
  • Different types of foods
  • Cats
  • Skin rash, eczema
No matter what the allergy level is we will work on it and release it.

* Available via skype

60-90 minutes