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Money Magnetism with Jaz Goven

Becoming besties with your finances!

21st January 2024
10:00 am​ – 1:00 pm

Jaz Goven

Are you ready to transform your relationship with money? Most people claim to love money, but in reality, they fear it – fear having it, losing it, who is going to take it off you, as well as dealing with the responsibility it brings. This fear often leads to unconscious self-sabotage, where our hard-earned money slips through our fingers, ending up in someone else’s pocket or bank account.

Isn’t it time to make friends with your money? So it stays with you, circulates back around to you and multiplies every time because it know it is welcomed.

What to expect:

  • ⁠Embrace money as a friend
  • Release fear and self-sabotage
  • Raise your financial ceiling
  • Money mindset transformation



Online via Zoom