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Unveiling the Awakened Woman
Veil No. 5: Unveiling the Lover and Romantic with Jaz Goven

This is a sacred journey for all women on their journey back to the truth of who you are by unveiling what you are hiding.

27th June 2022
10:00 am – 12:00 pm


Jaz Goven

Unveiling the Lover and Romantic – 5

What is love? The word love has been used synonymously with enjoyment, enthusiasm, attachment, affection, sexual attraction, care, concern, loyalty, devotion, and more.

It’s important to distinguish that romantic love (also known as romance) has a more specific meaning, and refers to “intense attraction that involves the idealization of the other, within an erotic context, with the expectation of enduring for some time into the future.

But now let’s look at Romantic Love or the Romantic Lover and how much you are allowing her to express herself?

In this unveiling we will be looking specifically at cultural and religious beliefs and the limitations passed to you in this lifetime. We will look at guilt, shame, pride, and different aspects of worthless and unworthy and blast them out of your body, mind, and life.

Romance and love are here to be enjoyed, shared, celebrated, and embraced.

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