It’s an eye opener. Sonia shows us how important it is to keep our inner image and outer image congruent. And the tips she shared are very useful and I can apply them instantly

Aimee Ng, Hong Kong

Styling Parties

I am leaving the safe and beautifully held space of this workshop in deep gratitude and peace for the profound learning. And I cannot wait to put all those great in sight & tools into practice! Sonia, you are AMAZING.

Wera Hack, Hong Kong

It is a great workshop. All the feelings of a person forwards themselves and to others are clearly explained with great examples. Easy to understand and practice!

Annie Cheung, Hong Kong

I want to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU to Sonia! Her Public Speaking course is absolutely BRILLIANT! Profoundly transformative for every interaction with another human, not just with an audience. I loved it, Thank you.

Sam S, Hong Kong

Effective Public Speaking Workshop

Sonia’s workshop on Effective Public Speaking was invaluable. Not only does she cover how to structure a presentation/talk, she also touches on your appearance and your beliefs. Knowing that I had a presentation in the future, the workshop gave me a great platform to start from. As the presentation got closer, I booked a one-to-one consultation to review and refine it. During our consultation Sonia helped me to identify the important messages, which allowed me to cut out all the extra, irrelevant bits so that it was a punchy presentation. Thank you Sonia! I highly recommend working with Sonia

Nicole Graham, Hong Kong

Effective Public Speaking Workshop & Private Sessions

I first went to see Sonia over the Summer of 2014. It was a difficult time for me. I knew I needed to make some changes to my life (both personally and professionally) and I was prepared to try something “different” – I just didn’t know what. Sonia came on the scene (almost by accident) and assured me she could help. Although I was a little sceptical, I decided to give working with Sonia a try anyway and I am so glad that I did.  Since seeing Sonia, I have had some major life changes and gained a new perspective on the world. Today my finances have dramatically improved, my self-esteem is high and I feel like I am back in control of my life. My work with Sonia has been a big part of these changes. I wanted to say thank you in some way, so I wrote thisˇtestimonial. If you are feeling a little stuck, or if you feel you need to move to a new level in some way, go and see Sonia.

Just have an open mind and some great things can happen for you.


Hypnotherapy Private Sessions

Sonia gave very useful tips that are easy to apply and change the perspective of my style and image and I trust that I can take immediate action on.

Barbara Kukhno, Hong Kong

Image Enhancement Workshop

I attended Sonia’s Image Enhancement workshop; it was a great experience and I really enjoyed all of it!

Susan Nicoll, Hong Kong

Image Enhancement Workshop

Everything is so easy – your service is crucial to humanity. Why you ask me? Because you save time, you save money, you save energy and at the end of the day you know who you are. You can walk into any situation feeling great about yourself, feeling good about whatever you’re gonna do, whether it be a talk or a meeting. You just know that you are congruent from inside out.

Ana Scherer, Hong Kong

Image Consulting

The effectiveness of how directly its (Family & Systemic Constelaltion) work goes straight to the issues we’re all addressing went very deep. Even when we haven’t voiced a particular issue, Sonia holds a very clear, strong, safe space and has a really succinct way of connecting what is evolving and moving with the emotions and issues as they are arising.

Kelly, Hong Kong

Family & Systemic Constellation

Dear Sonia, thank you so much for a wonderfully inspiring and knowledgeable session on public speaking. Coherent, professional and encompassing of the diverse group’s different needs. Very well done!

Surj Bahar, Hong Kong

Effective Public Speaking Workshop

It opens the door to new experiences. Your mind is a complex tool and Level 1 allowed me to make more of my mind. Looking forward to Level 2.

Anthony Kusters, Hong Kong

Practitioner Training - Hypnotheapy

Sonia is a gifted facilitator who has an abundance of knowledge that she truly loves to share. She has an engaging delivery style and everything she covers is incredibly valuable.

Gina Robinson, Hong Kong

Effective Public Speaking Workshop

Really good teacher, very good course, interesting subject. Well structured program.

Gooke Voorst

Practitioner Training - Hypnotheapy

My first contact with the Centre was almost 5 years ago when searching for Systemic Family Constellation, an effective and highly spiritual therapy. Sonia was the only person in HK conducting the therapy in the standards I had sought in Europe. Since then I got to experience hypnotherapy and became fascinated by the teachings of Integrated Hypnosis. ‘All About You’ has been empowering, life changing and great reminder that my life is really about the choices I make.

Mirna Salgadinho, Hong Kong

Excellent presenter who demonstrated knowledge, experience and capability.

Anon, Hong Kong

Talk on Loss & Grief Counselling with Freddie Deegan

Jaz’s introductory talk/demonstration was fascinating, delightful and inspiring – I look forward to seeing and feeling the results.

Kay Ross, Hong Kong

Unraveling Stress Talk with Jaz Goven

Sonia Sonia. Your workshop was very informative and helpful! Thank you for all the effort you put into the day. You were very generous with your knowledge and time. Priceless experience.

Katherine Dale, Hong Kong

Effective Public Speaking Workshop

I recommend Karen Pryce for a soul reading. She is friendly and patient as I was interrupted with some unexpected phone calls. She explained things to me. She is an awesome reader. Highly recommend her for readings and Soul Life Plan readings.

Minal B, Hong Kong

Soul Life Plan Reading with Karen Pryce

Very enjoyable class with lots of knowledge and experiences shared. Sonia was such a pleasure to work with always.

Wing Yip, Hong Kong

Practitioner Training - Hypnotherapy

Yuvraj has the ability to make it so so simple and do-able! Thank you!!!

Nalini Kima, Hong Kong

Awareness Talk with Yuvraj Kapadia

I gained valuable insights and techniques. I really absorbed the info thanks to Sonia’s GREAT delivery! I feel a lot more prepared to take on the world – THANK YOU SONIA!!

Neetu Sakhrani, Hong Kong

Effective Public Speaking Workshop

Wonderful training and experience.

Elisabeth Bourgeois, China

Practitioner Training - Hypnotherapy

Personal experience has been invaluable and would recommend highly for people to experience hypnotherapy as a personal development growth experience.

Susan Sims, Hong Kong

Practitioner Training - Hypnotherapy

Very valuable and useful information. Easy to apply

Menka Purswaney, Hong Kong

Secrets to a Wholesome Vegetarian Diet

Loved it, thank you!

Sheetal Tahilramani, Hong Kong

Secrets to a Wholesome Vegetarian Diet

A wonderful experience and amazing journey. I feel like I want to be more sympathetic to people around.

Louie Chan, Hong Kong

Practitioner Training - Hypnotherapy

I highly recommend this insightful workshop with Max. He has so much understanding and knowledge. It will help and give clarity to your life and help you understand family and friends around you.

Natasha Chandler, Hong Kong

Beginnners Numerology Workshop with Max Coppa

I’ve gained a lot of insights and revelations. I think I understand my child and his psychology a lot more.

Tena Vodopija, Hong Kong

Child Psychology: A Step Towards Holistic Parenting

Sonia is knowledgeable and able to facilitate the workshop wonderfully. I feel that there is so much to takeaway. Thank you

Olivia Mak, Hong Kong

Thank you so much for your hypnotherapy skills that have changed me! I really don’t feel the fear at all like I used to. I now even feel excited about public speaking! It’s so crazy how you have helped me overcome my fear and for me to where I wanted to be, which is enjoying it! You are brilliant! A huge thank you to you Sonia!

Hannah Smith, Hong Kong

Effective Public Speaking Workshop & Private Sessions

Sonia is doing an excellent service by providing a lifetime opportunity of bringing “Hypnotherapy courses” as well as other courses right at our doorstep. We truly are fortunate enough to experience this. I would highly recommend the Hypnotherapy course to every individual whether they intend to be therapists or not. It’s not just a course. It’s a way of life. This course has opened doors to the different realms that exist within me. Not only does healing take place but we get a deeper understanding of our own selves. Most importantly we “learn” to love and accept ourselves. Truly a journey inside out!

Rani Moriani, Hong Kong

Practitioner Training - Hypnotherapy

I got a lot of benefit from the Level 1 course. I have studied a lot of personal development course including Anthony Robbins, The Landmark Forum and am a certified NLP practitioner. The Level 1 course linked all of these courses together, providing me with valuable insight into the backgrounds where these course come from. I look forward to becoming a certified Hypnotherapist. Sonia is a great teacher, who is happy to spend time to ensure that all elements of the course are fully understood by her students.

Steve Bruce, Hong Kong

Practitioner Training - Hypnotherapy

After only a few sessions I found that surprisingly there was a lot of other things happening in my life. My business was improving, I was getting a lot more clarity, more focus in my work. Also I was becoming a bit more creative, re-visiting past activities (music and photography) and found a positive impact in my life in these areas as well.

Brett Cameron, Hong Kong

Hypnotherapy Private Sessions

Every session was truly incredible. Sonia has a natural ability to help you with any issue you might have and does her best to help you to understand the inner workings of your own mind. Her sessions have made a massive difference to my life and I will be forever grateful.

Eugene Calver, Hong Kong

Hypnotherapy Private Sessions

Sonia is a very knowledgable and warm facilitator.  She is confident, exudes power, yet also brings in a fun element in her seminars. Her dynamism is very inpirational to me!

Shalini Kalra, India

Image Enhancement Workshop

The Louise Hay Workshop showed me techniques to use to empower and protect myself so I don’t fell back in the old patterns. It opened my eyes to see how I can learn through her exercises to analysis about the situations in my life.

Shirley Budhrani, Hong Kong

Heal Your Life Program

Sonia’s bright happy energy is very powerful and makes you at ease right away! She opened my eyes and mind to important limitations I had about deserving…I feel so open for receiving the best I need and want…Thank you for helping me to remove “block’s”. That really needed/had to be removed to truly love and accept myself… You are a star!

Ruth Vellenga-Klein, Thailand

Heal Your Life Program

I was always afraid about being exposed and to talk in public but now I know that I can deliver fantastic speech.

Erika M. Barban

Effective Public Speaking

All About You centre and its founder director Sonia is doing phenomenal work in bringing about internal and external to a host of individuals. I personally see myself transformed internally.

Vinod Menon Hong Kong

Effective Public Speaking Workshop

Thank you. It was very beneficial.

Adrian Bottomley, Hong Kong

Effective Public Speaking Workshop

I had a great weekend and got a lot of take home value from the course. Sonia is very clear in her teachings and I would definitely recommend it to others.

Sonia Mohinani, Hong Kong

Practitioner Training - Hypnotherapy

Was great!

Amit Desai, Hong Kong

Effective Public Speaking Workshop

I have benefited greatly from this workshop and will apply all the lessons I have learnt. And I had fun.

Susanne Schutz, Hong Kong

Effective Public Speaking Workshop

I found the level 2 to be very useful in my own personal development and growth. Looking forward to Level 3.

Nidhi Banavalikar, Hong Kong

Practitioner Training - Hypnotherapy

Most enjoyable. Speaker was very knowledgeable.

Susan Nicoll, Hong Kong

Talk on Loss & Grief Counselling with Freddie Deegan

This workshop is very practical, goes deep into finding the root of your problems and how to improve.

Rowena Gonzales, Hong Kong

Effective Public Speaking Workshop

Appreciation and understanding of life, the mind, the material universe and the metaphysical continues to deepen at each level and surpassed even the highest expectations. Helped make great progress in personal life issues and enlightenment of life purposes.

Melody Wong, Hong Kong

Practitioner Training - Hypnotherapy

Really good introduction into body image.

Camilla Born, Hong Kong

Enhance Your Personal Image Workshop

I started believing I was only going to do Level 1. I’m now inspired to continue and complete the full certification.

Freddie Deegan, Hong Kong

Practitioner Training - Hypnotherapy

I really liked this course, just like any other ones given by Sonia. She is incredibly knowledgeable, a great presenter and public speaker. The workshop gave me more understanding about how our mind works and a chance to practise hypnosis on myself and others. Highly recommend.

Yelena Zakharova, Hong Kong

Practitioner Training - Hypnotherapy

Level 2 was far more than i could ever have imagined. I loved it. very valuable to my counselling work. So much more powerful than Level 1.

Freddie Deegan, Hong Kong

Practitioner Training - Hypnotherapy

Wonderful experience to start the hypnotherapy journey.

Ahmad Ali, Hong Kong

Practitioner Training - Hypnotherapy

It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. It was very inspiring.

Claudia Got, Hong Kong

Practitioner Training - Hypnotherapy

I felt so inspired and self-confident when I left – and it’s only an 8 hours training! WOW!

Dagmar Boettger, Hong Kong

Effective Public Speaking Workshop

It was a positive experience to overcome my fear of standing up in front of strangers and to express my thoughts. I harnessed my fear and relaxed to express. FANTASTIC!

Susan Sims, Hong Kong

Effective Public Speaking Workshop

Great tips for a balanced vegetarian lifestyle.

Ali Gerber, Hong Kong

Secrets to a Wholesome Vegetarian Diet

The presentation and explanation of types of problems and techniques of therapy were well structured and explained. The practical hypnotherapy practices as therapist and client were invaluable. A “learning” and “healing” experience.

Susan Sims, Hong Kong

Practitioner Training - Hypnotherapy

Max is an expert in his field, very knowledgeable and is very open to share and offer practical advice.

Surj Bahra, Hong Kong

Beginners Numerology Workshop with Max Coppa