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If we stop and try to remember our thoughts from the last 10 seconds, I bet most of us would notice that it’s full of judgment!  Perhaps you were feeling annoyed at someone and thought they were ‘wrong’, or you were comparing yourself to another, or worrying about the future and judging that you can’t handle what comes your way. Analysing, comparing, and judging is a big part of our ego and thus it’s second nature to us. It keeps us in the game of needing to be ‘good’ and ‘right’ while proving that others are ‘wrong’, which is the foundation of all conflicts and wars. The end result is that someone is guaranteed to feel lousy, while the other experiences momentary bouts of satisfaction until they remind themselves of another situation, and the proving starts all over again!

If we look at this, our need to judge and our attachment to being right has put us in a cycle of constant sabotage.  So if you feel it’s time to bust free from this game, why not try the opposite?  Why not accept instead of judge?  Acceptance is moving beyond duality, it’s just being able to be with a situation instead of calling it good or bad. If you look at our Yin/Yang symbol of duality you would notice there is a small dot of black in the white part and vice versa; perhaps that’s to remind us that when we judge what’s light it becomes dark, and when we accept what’s dark it turns into light!

What’s one thing you were judging that you could accept?