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All experiences have a beginning, middle, and end. We are now nearing the end of 2022 and about to begin 2023.

This year has been challenging for many people. It’s easy to fall into victim-mode or think that “life is not supposed to be this way”. However, that’s just an opinion, and doesn’t change what is happening. Whether it’s grief, rejection, or a business failure, it’s a part of our life’s experience, along with happiness, connection and success. One of the healthiest things to do is to face what’s happening instead of blaming or running away. It’s okay to feel uncomfortable and move through the discomfort by processing your emotions.

What seems all encompassing at the time will be a snapshot of a moment in time, and a small part of your life’s experience. We have all the tools to face the situations we are dealt with, we just need to believe that, and gain access to those tools.

Endings give us the opportunity to look at the whole year from a place of overview and reflect. I invite you to read the questions below and notice the first answer that comes to you if you don’t analyze or judge:

  1. If there was one word you would use to describe the year, what would it be?
  2. What is the biggest gift you have received from 2022?
  3. What is the biggest learning that the year has brought to you?
  4. How can you use the wisdom of this year to move forward in your life?
  5. What would you like to acknowledge yourself for this year?
  6. What would you like 2023 to be about for you?

Reflection allows us to learn and grow, and apply our lessons.

I wish you a conscious end to the year, and look forward to connecting in the new year. As always, I will be doing my annual end-of-year closing workshop, and ceremonial manifestation workshop in January.

Happy new year!

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