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It would be quite hard for you not to have noticed that even more changes have taken place over the last 3 months. It’s probably not about the pandemic anymore, it may be volatility of the crypto market that’s impacting you, or that the people in your life are reshuffling and your inner-circle is changing, or that you cannot operate the same way at work as you did 6 months ago. We are facing an era where systems are collapsing more rapidly and with more intensity than before. We don’t have choice in the matter of what’s happening in our environment. Our choice is if we are going to ride with the changes, have the courage to face the losses, look for the lessons, and have the faith that we have the inner-resources to deal with this new future. If you are into chakras, then you may understand that this era is about rehauling ‘root chakra’ where our stability may be questioned, and we are being called to ground ourselves in a new reality (which can be scary for many people).

I too am facing some unexpected events, and find it very useful to reflect upon my core values when approaching these changes. I often check-in with myself if my actions are aligned with my values of being accepting, authentic, trusting and connected, and if so, I can move through things one baby-step at a time with the tools I have. This month is especially reflective for me as it’s my 40th birthday, and by the time you read this I will be at a silent meditation retreat for 10 days on a deep inwards journey. For your own reflections, I invite you to think of what your core values are at this point in your life. Then, think about an area where you are facing changes and ask yourself if your actions are aligned with those values, otherwise what needs to happen to be more aligned? Awareness brings us the power of choice, and I wish you all the best on your journeys.

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