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NLP Coaching Practitioner Training (UK) with Peter Freeth

Includes a bonus extra session based on Peter’s amazing book How to Sell Coaching (bonus session also available separately) on November 25th



Peter Freeth

About Peter Freeth

Peter Freeth is one of only six NLP Master Trainers in the world, licensed by the Society of NLP. With more than 25 years learning, innovating and training in the field, he is known for his powerfully creative take on personal and business success and his ability to challenge established routines and rituals, driving change that is both surprising and long lasting.

Peter is an author of 12 books to date with more in development, a recognised conference presenter, an electronics engineer by education, maker of just about anything that seems like a challenge and a highly experienced and tactful supporter of both organisational and personal change.

As a NLP trainer, Peter is a regular speaker at the International NLP Conference and is a full member of the NLP Leadership Summit, a group comprising the world’s most experienced NLP trainers. Peter has developed many new NLP applications and techniques which are now used by trainers and coaches all over the world, and he is most recognised for making NLP easy, accessible and even fun.

With experience of all market sectors in almost 50 countries, Peter has worked with operational and leadership teams in some of the world’s most recognised businesses, solving real problems and making a measurable impact on performance, including doubling of sales conversion rates, a 25% reduction in graduate development time and a 700% increase in profitability.

NLP Coaching Practitioner training begins online, led by internationally renowned NLP Master Trainer and author Peter Freeth.

“Your training was the best I could have gotten! I’m using it so so often!! Especially while preparing trainings and workshops but even more during them! Learned so so much! Thanks again again and again!!” – Chantal Vroom-Bezuijen

Achieve your NLP Coaching Practitioner certification by joining this IBNLP and INCA licensed NLP Practitioner training running over 8 days with Peter Freeth, a SNLP Master Trainer, author of 13+ NLP books and with 25+ years experience of training NLP all over the world.

“I had barely heard of NLP before I signed up to Peter’s Practitioner course ten years ago. I was extremely fortunate to have him as my trainer and the NLP course was a revelation! NLP has enhanced my own life and my work (teaching, training and career coaching) ever since and I have found his books as entertaining and informative as his training.” – Ruth Guy, Coventry University

In this course, you will not only learn the full Society of NLP syllabus of tools and techniques, you will also have personal experiences of the power and value of NLP, putting you in a wonderful position to better support your own clients, students, colleagues, family and friends. The course concludes with an assessment day where you will put yourself and your new skills to the test with a number of observed coaching sessions. This is the NLP training program where you will know that you have genuinely earned your certification, and that it really means something special that will give you the credibility you need.

Coaching learning

  1. How is coaching different to training, consulting, counselling and mentoring?
  2. The importance of questions
  3. Staying out of the client’s reality
  4. Setting boundaries
  5. Contracting with your client
  6. Structuring the coaching session
  7. Setting actions and assignments
  8. Managing the coaching relationship
  9. Keeping notes
  10. Supervision

NLP learning

  1. The NLP presuppositions: Valuable beliefs for anyone who works with people and change
  2. Well formed outcomes: A method to identify and focus your unconscious mind on your most valued goals
  3. Rapport: How to connect with anyone, quickly
  4. Metaphor: Use metaphor and deliver powerful messages to the unconscious mind.
  5. Representation systems: How people build their internal maps and interact with the world
  6. Eye patterns: How to read the patterns of a person’s thought processes
  7. Submodalities: See the details in a person’s map of the world
  8. Swish Patterns: Change habits and states and create new choices for situations you used to react to
  9. Strategies: Predictable internal processes that drive our most complex behaviours
  10. Anchoring: Make powerful connections to new resources and gain control of the change process
  11. Milton Model: Easily influence through hypnotic language patterns
  12. Meta Model: See beneath the surface of distortions, generalisations and deletions in language
  13. Reframing: Create new perspectives and meanings for problems
  14. Six step reframe: Use your client’s own creativity to solve behavioural problems

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Your handbook for this training will be the best-selling book The NLP Practitioner Manual.

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“Peter is totally engaging and knowledgeable trainer. He has got an amazing way to guide people through their personal thoughts and beliefs, challenging and trigger the positive change in themselves to get the best from the training and from the NLP. I have observed some noticeable changes in my own behaviours as well as in behaviours of other trainees as a result of Peter’s pretty unique training style, knowledge, insight and a passion to make NLP what it is in his own words : a scaffolding to support massive change in your personal life, business affairs and the future of your company you can construct. (from Peter’s book “Coaching Excellence”. And by the way – we had so much fun!!!! I can strongly recommend his training courses to anyone who wants to use NLP in coaching and in life.” – Tatyana Stewart




Online via Zoom


If you have attended the course previously and are interested in taking a refresher, please enrol through the button below.
Fee: HKD500 per day.

Incredibly insightful learnings that can be applied in everyday life. You will not see / hear language in the same way again!

Bao Anh Duong

This was an extremely powerful and revealing course. I found it fascinating how Peter was able to breakdown a simple sentence. Very useful for both life and as a coach. Very happy that I experienced this.

Angela Hancock

Peter is a very knowledgeable teacher, trainer and coach. His teaching method is clear and transparent and the way of delivering information is empowering and makes you want to learn more and more.
Thank you.

Anoush Davies

I had an amazing journey learning how to do things by myself and understanding why I do it. It will without a doubt be incredibly useful.