Tarot Magic Online Playshop with Peter Duchemin, PhD

Come join us for an opportunity to meet fellow Tarot readers, strengthen your intuition and elevate your Tarot reading skills!

13th, 20th, and 27th June 2023
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm


Peter Duchemin, PhD

About your facilitator:

Dr. Peter Duchemin is an artist, magician, scholar, and Tarot reader with more than 20 years of reading experience. He is a Canadian and Newfoundlander by birth, and has travelled widely to discover his current home in Hong Kong. His approach to Tarot has earned him recognition for the depth, clarity, and wisdom of his readings. His method is simple: connect to your cards through the language of synesthesia, and build a Tarot in your own unconscious imagination. When you become the Tarot, you can read the cards naturally. He holds degrees in Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Humanities, and a Doctorate in Interdisciplinary Studies (on the philosophy of magic). He is the inventor of many things, including his own Tarot trumps, a specialist Tarot calendar system, and the world’s first and only Tarot-reading Unicycle!

The Tarot Magick Playshop sessions are an opportunity to learn Tarot techniques, meanings, and myths, and to practice creating, interpreting, and learning spreads. All levels of skill are welcome, and each session is presented as an opportunity to discuss Tarot practice and receive pointers from expert instructor, Dr. Peter Duchemin. Students also learn collaboratively with one another, sharing interpretations of spreads and questions that are collectively chosen by the class. The classes are fun, thought provoking, and suggestions for weekly at-home practice will be given at the end of the session.


Single Session: HKD195
Package of 4 sessions: HKD750
(Includes a 10 minutes FREE reading)


Online via Zoom

Dr. Peter Duchemin is a wizard and I am truly humbled, grateful, and excited with the information that was shared. I am looking forward to the next workshops and practice sessions. This workshop blew what I thought tarot was about out of the water. A beautiful, rich, multilayered 2 days that I would love to repeat.

Siobhan Maire Dumigan