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A topic that I have given recent attention to is the concept of prayer.  Many people use prayer as a means to ask for something, and thus many prayers consist of sitting at an altar and requesting “God” or the universe to make your life better by giving you more money, better health, more opportunities or a higher status in society. One way or another, prayer seems to have manifested itself into a genie in a bottle, hoping that if we rub it hard enough our wish will come true. What some of us don’t realize is that the more we desire, the more we are reinforcing lack, because desire itself comes from a feeling of not having something. The result is that we are more in fear of not having something and want more.

The irony of manifestations is that you get what you want most easily when you are fine with or without it! That’s because there is more peace and less resistance since you are not focusing on the fear of not having it. So, if you are happy and content on your own and yet open to finding someone, you may attract a wonderful partner as a by-product of your ‘letting go’.

Ultimately, what we want through our desires is the feeling of peace and contentment. Hence if we use prayer as a means to connect to the vibration of “God” or the divine instead of asking for something, we are short-cutting the process and connecting to that state of peace.  This releases us from our attachment to the desire and our peace is more permanent.  This is also why meditations are so powerful because it gets you to move away from judgment and desire and connect to a state of watching and accepting what is.

I encourage you all to try a different form of prayer; use that time as an opportunity to connect to the vibrations of the mantra or the “God” that you are praying to, and realize that the state that you are desiring is easily accessible and within you!