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All things on Earth are binary, and it is through the experience of opposites that we begin to understand our world. As babies, we first learned to separate ourselves from our mother and that was our first experience of two opposing states. We had “me” and “not me”. After that we have spent our whole lives learning through the process of identification and association, where we understand something by comparing it to something else and associating it with an idea. E.g. We know that white is light and not the same as black. Yet if we didn’t have the comparison of black, then white would lose its meaning.

If we look at Earth as a school, then part of our curriculum is to learn about life and grow through the experience of duality. We only know pleasure because we’ve experienced pain, and we only know achievement if we have overcome a challenge. If we accept the idea that duality exists for our own evolution, then perhaps we can accept the idea that darkness and lightness will always exist, and there is a balance of both in our lives.

The problem happens when we begin to judge the dark side of life and think that ‘darkness and pain should not exist’. As much as we judge the calamities of earth and the dark behaviour of people, we cannot remove their existence. Each one of us also has a dark and light side within us. The way I look at it is that we don’t have a choice about whether or not we want to experience duality because it’s a fundamental law of the planet. The only choice we have is to accept it or not.

We have had a few examples of beings on earth who have cracked the game such as Jesus Christ. He has shown us that when we truly give love and acceptance to all, then both dark and light lose their meaning, and we tap into a different consciousness of oneness. The ultimate freedom comes when we can look at both the light and dark through the lens of acceptance and be at peace with both.

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