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Hypnotherapy Sessions

Our performance enhancement program is designed specifically for sports players to help enhance their skill and performance. (Hypnotherapy cannot teach you how to play the sport, but we can definitely make you better at it!)

How The Process Works:

During the session, we align your mind with the memory of your best shot or your best win and reinforce it through anchors.  The sessions strengthen the neuropathway of winning, and eliminate anything that is not in alignment with that, such as fears, limiting thoughts and beliefs. During the sessions, we create a trigger for the sports player, so every time the trigger is activated they are in full alignment with their best performance and can re-create that for themselves. With continuous practice, it has them master any sport and perform to their best ability.

Sonia has worked with race car driver, Dan Wells – 2015 Asian Formula Renault Champion for 1 year using this technique and in that year he won 12 consecutive races in a row. Making a winning record of 12 out of 12!

* Available via skype

60-90 minutes