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If you really think about it, can a single one-off thought create a reality? It’s less likely, because the potency of energy isn’t enough for it to manifest instantly. For example, if you have one single thought about receiving a billion dollars, it’s probably not going to create your destiny. The reason that thoughts have so much influence in our lives is because we have a tendency to repeat the same thoughts over and over again, and turn them into beliefs.  Hence, it’s the repeated compression of the same thought-vibration again and again that creates our reality.

Research shows that we think between 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day, 98% of these thoughts come from our beliefs which are reoccurring, and 80% of these thoughts are negative! If all it took was repetition to create these patterns, all it needs is awareness and a repeating something different to come out of it. The awareness part is to fully understand that you may not be able to control the outside, but you are in 100% charge of your thoughts. Then in order to shift the nature of those negative thoughts, you would need to cultivate a new practice of either repeating positive thoughts, or being present and maintaining thoughts that are not judgmental at all. This is how affirmations and meditation work; they change our entire vibratory state focusing on empowering/peaceful thoughts for a period of time. Again, doing it just once will probably not be enough to shift your entire reality, it’s the repetition of it which makes it a ritual, and gradually gives you a different experience of life.

Invitation for this month: Review your day and notice a time when your negative mind-chatter is at its peak. Then commit to a new 5-minute ritual to change the conversation in your head by meditating, repeating a powerful affirmation, reading an empowering book, breathing exercises, or listening to an insightful discourse. In 7 days, you will already start to see shifts in your state of mind, and within 3 months you could have shifted your reality.