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By now most of us have gotten that loving ourselves is not selfish, it’s necessary! Yet many of us think that the way to do it is to buy a nice bag, have a fancy dinner, or get a massage.

Whilst this may be one expression of loving yourself, I invite you to consider what is your intention behind it? Are you doing it because everyone else does and you want to be a part of it? Are you trying to please someone else or society? Or are you doing it because you are in touch with the essence of who you are and this is what you are inspired to do at this moment?

Many of us still oscillate between selfishness and selflessness; we feel like it’s ‘good’ to be self-sacrificing and put all others before ourselves, and then when that gets too much we feel taken for a ride and start focusing on our needs from a place of frustration.

Loving ourselves is getting out of this drama completely! It’s as simple as accepting ourselves without judgment (I said simple, not be easy!). We cannot separate love from acceptance, and when we accept more parts of ourselves, it gives a huge rise to our self-worth and we are in touch with what we truly want or need.

So in this beautiful month of Valentine’s Day I invite you to look within, accept where you are at and how you are feeling at this moment, and think of what you could do that is truly in the name of self-love!.