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Positive Psychology for the Workplace

Positive Psychology is taking the world by storm. Rather than looking back at problems in the human condition, Positive Psychology considers what is working well, what individuals require to be their happiest and most fulfilled, and minimize focus on counterproductive emotions.

Promoting Positive Psychology in the Workplace can lead your team to be more engaged and self-motivated, and teach managers to create a high-demand, high-resource workplace to maximize productivity, longevity, and personal capacity.

This workshop will walk your team through the concepts of Strengths, Opportunities, and Emotional Intelligence, ultimately guiding them towards a more fulfilling existence at work and home.

Duration: Subject to the requirements and objective of the company, the training can be anywhere from a few hours to full-days

Participants: A minimum of 10 participants per session

Venue: We can conduct this training at your premises or ours; whichever is most suitable for the training and number or participants.

Requirements: Projector for PowerPoint presentation, whiteboard/ flipchart, enough space to move around

10 – 25 pax – HKD 5,000.00 per hour
25 – 50 pax – HKD 5,500.00 per hour
50 – 100 pax – HKD 6,000.00 per hour
100 pax and over – HKD 6,500.00 per hour