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Shaira Sakhrani - Health Coach

Services and Workshops

  • Weight loss goals
  • Solving cravings
  • Chakra balancing through nutrition
  • Corporate workshop
  • Detox
  • Lose the sugar and keep the sweetness workshop
  • Burn that belly fat workshop
  • Read it before you eat it
  • Anti-aging & longevity workshop
  • Probiotics & fermentation
  • Secrets to a Vegetarian Diet
  • Eating for Energy Workshop

Shaira Sakhrani

Holistic Nutrition Coach

Shaira is a certified nutrition and wellness coach.  She is also trained in gut healing and facial diagnosis. She firmly believes that by improving nutrition and lifestyle – sleep, stress, movement – one’s quality of life can be greatly improved.  What you put in your body has a profound impact on your life, which goes far beyond your love handles. This is the underlying current running through her weight loss programs, nutritional workshops and consultations. She uses a holistic approach by addressing the emotions and thought patterns that are intertwined with existing eating habits and lifestyle.

She understands that to allieviate physical symptoms such as cravings, bloatedness or disturbed sleep, one must dive deeper within the emotional body and balance the chakras so that there is harmony with the physical and emotional body.  Her objective is to help you lose weight without deprivation, clear the confusion out of the latest fad of the weight loss industry and leave you feeling amazing in your own skin.

Kind words

I learnt a lot through the coaching program- nutrition, new health foods, my own habits.  We even did a health store tour that really expanded my knowledge of all the superfoods/ health foods that are in the market and Shaira navigated me to which ones would be most suited to me and my family. Since on the program, I have lost weight and more significantly I have less bloating by changing my timings and cutting out foods that are acidic.  My clothes have started to fit me better and I have learnt to make smarter choices especially when eating out.  I thoroughly enjoyed the program and our meet ups as Shaira was more like a friend- easy to talk to and gave me wonderul support.
– KB (Private Coaching) 

I embarked on this program because I wanted to take better care of myself by eating right, losing weight and having more energy.  Shaira was able to help me reach these goals by understanding my lifestyle & then suggesting changes in diet & exercise in a gradual manner.  Shaira was very understanding & eager to help me. I was glad I was able to reach all 3 targets with ease.Moreover, through this holistic approach I realised spiritualism plays a huge role in understanding my body & I am still digging deeper into it to know myself better. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to improve the quality of their life.                  – Sunny Dass (Private Coaching)

I came to Shaira for some tips on lowering blood cholesterol & eating healthy.  I have received great support and learnt a lot during our sessions together.  She provides wonderful recipes for the new diet that she recommends & whole- heartedly follows up on emails giving all the tips that she mentioned during the meeting. Besides getting all the tips & recipes on healthy food I even gained good knowledge on exercise. Thank you so much dear Shaira for your love & support to help me kickstart a journey to healthy living.
– J. Samtani (Private Coaching) 

Favourite parts – you helping to keep us accountable with the daily check ins, the fact it was only 5 days, all the info you gave us well in advance to ensure we were organised, the variety of recipes and the support you offered.  Prior to doing the cleanse I was feeling really run down and tired thanks to adrenal fatigue and I lacked inspiration and motivation when it came to my diet. I’m so glad I signed up the 5 day cleanse as it was the perfect action to get my health back on track. I really appreciated all the support, guidance and encouragement that Shaira offered as well as the delicious, well balanced and easy to prepare recipes she shared. In the past I’ve done detoxes that have left me hungry and hating the meals. But with Shaira’s cleanse my whole family (including my toddler) were able to enjoy the meals and I’m now feeling more inspired and empowered when it comes to my health and the food I’m fuelling my body with. It was also really nice to receive compliments about how great I looked and that my skin was glowing! Thank you Shaira!
– Ainslie Young (5 day detox)

Workshop testimonials 

  • Inspired to reduce sugar – Menka (Sugar Workshop)
  • Learnt so much about probiotics & kimchee making was so easy – Anna  (Probiotics & Fermentation Workshop)
  • I enjoyed a practical and non-alarming approach to adopting vegetarianism – Ali (Secrets to a Vegetarian Diet)
  • I have learnt so much about the topic and the presenter was very knowledgable and was replying the questions very professionally.  I felt she was happy to help and grateful for her advice. – Olya (Eating for Energy Workshop)