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Stormie Sandhu

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Stormie Sandhu began studying hypnotherapy as a result of a desire to better understand human behaviors, family and community dynamics, belief systems, and emotions. As a result of years of this study, she became interested in the many alternative methods of personal development and healing, which also led her to become a certified NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner. What started as a curiosity for personal growth, developed into a desire to help others using all she was learning and experiencing. The impact of her healing with hypnotherapy and all the benefits it brought her life, inspired her to become a practitioner and offer these services to others.


Prior to being a hypnotherapist, Stormie was an English teacher. She taught local and international students at a learning centre in Hong Kong. She received her bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education and graduate degree in Secondary Reading from Grand Canyon University in the USA. She is also a certified Pranayama and Meditation teacher and a Reiki Level 2 Practioner.


Stormie practices hypnotherapy at the All About You Centre where she also gained her certification with EKAA (The Clinical Hypnotherapy Institute of India). She has worked with clients to heal and resolve their issues including eating disorders, anxiety, loss and grief, money management, self-expression, skin and body health issues, relationships, fears, depression, and weight loss.