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Susanne Schutz

Bazi Reader

Susanne has spent 26 years in Asia (Hong Kong, China, India, Malaysia & the Philippines), where she worked as a business and management consultant for almost 16 years before deciding to change career. She is now a well-established Chinese Metaphysics Consultant, having studied with one of the leading Metaphysics Grandmasters in the world, Grandmaster Dato Joey Yap.

Susanne’s business background and her subsequent career change have made her very aware of the potential and hidden talents that lie in all of us, and have made her passionate about helping others to maximize their own life potential. She uses Feng Shui, Bazi Astrology, and Chinese Date Selection to advise clients on the path forward – be that for career, wealth, relationships, investment, health or academic purposes.

Through Bazi, the client will get a better understanding of the options ahead and can make a more informed decision on how to move forward or what even caused a particular crisis. It is not so much fortune telling as it is destiny analysis, aiming at making a client aware of his or her potential in life and directing them onto a better and more prosperous path.