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Effective Public Speaking Workshop with Sonia Samtani

Overcome your fear of public speaking so that you can speak confidently in front of any audience!

Sonia Samtani

Facilitator: Sonia Samtani
Sonia Samtani is the Founder and Managing Director of All About You. Sonia has an inherent passion to cultivate her community and its consciousness, which is reflected in her seminars, workshops and bespoke individual consultations. She is a licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist and trainer.

Each participant will get the opportunity to learn what it takes to be an effective presenter, overcome their greatest challenge, practice speaking in front of an audience, and receive immediate feedback.

You will gain skills to:

  • Create a positive and lasting impression with your audience
  • Make necessary shifts in your mindset and develop beliefs that support you to speak effectively in public
  • Learn the tools for preparation and delivery
  • Gain practical tools to adapt your body language to support your presentation
  • Project your voice appropriately to match you personality and your message
  • Learn what is missing from your current speaking style
  • Recognize the importance of your exterior image as a component of your presentation and gain the tools to develop a strong and effective visual image
  • Enhance your speaking style in alignment to the feedback from your audience.

10th August 2024
10:00 am – 7:00 pm
All About You Centre

Fee: HKD2,500

This course was recommended to me by a previous attendee and even though it came highly recommended, my high expectations were far exceeded and my mind was blown. This was more than a course in public speaking - it was a powerful exercise in personal growth. Sonia's vast knowledge about all things related to the human mind, her humor, and the safe space that she created for us to explore outside of our comfort zones were combined skillfully to make this an amazing, invaluable experience that I think everyone should have.

Noi Derkash

I gained valuable insights and techniques. I really absorbed the information. Thanks to Sonia’s GREAT delivery! I feel a lot more prepared to take on the world – THANK YOU SONIA!!

Neetu Sakhrani

Sonia’s Effective Public Speaking Workshop is the best for anyone who wants to take their speaking confidence and skills to the next level. Highly recommended.

Matthew Trethewey

Loved that I got to understand deep fears - personal collective why we have these fears. Learnt practical tools and techniques to help us improve. But trapped into our inner worlds. Gained more understanding of myself that will help me on my journey of growth and expansion.

Valerie Lui

I just finished one of the workshops Effective Public Speaking Workshop. Time flew by as our small group was really engaged with Sonia's method of presenting.

It was really engaging and active with breaks in between.

Sonia is a master public speaker and just observing her a lot can give a ton of value.

The tips and structure she shares are memorable and easily applicable.

She answered every question with a large depth of knowledge.

Clearly very experienced in public speaking (she worked with Tony Robbins for a few years).

A lot of personal constructive feedback from both the class and her are exchanged.

Would highly recommend anyone that needs help with this are to try it out!


Public Speaking Workshop run by All About You is one of the best workshops I have attended. Not only is it structured, it is full of contents and practice and the transformation in participants from one speech to another is tremendous. It is a not-to-be missed workshop.

Elsa Law

The flow of the presentation was excellent as it was interactivity and facilitated a clear understanding of the areas in which I needed improvement. The facilitator adeptly pinpointed the gaps in my knowledge and provide insightful guidance on how to address them.

The "All About You" Public Speaking course has been a transformative experience for me. The well structured lessons, dedicated instructor have helped me overcome my fear of public speaking. I received valuable feedback and guidance, and the interactive activities allowed me to learn from peers. eI highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their public speaking skills.

Preeti Khandelwal

Sonia’s workshop on Effective Public Speaking was invaluable. Not only does she cover how to structure a presentation/talk, she also touches on your appearance and your beliefs. Knowing that I had a presentation in the future, the workshop gave me a great platform to start from. As the presentation got closer, I booked a one-to-one consultation to review and refine it. During our consultation Sonia helped me to identify the important messages, which allowed me to cut out all the extra, irrelevant bits so that it was a punchy presentation. Thank you Sonia! I highly recommend working with Sonia

Nicole Graham

It was a positive experience to overcome my fear of standing up in front of strangers and to express my thoughts. I harnessed my fear and relaxed to express. FANTASTIC!

Susan Sims

I absolutely enjoyed today and would love to gain more knowledge from Sonia. This was a powerful and insightful course. Valuable and indispensable tool for everyday life.

Juliette Dutois