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Did you know that the moment before we go to bed is when we are naturally in a hypnotic state? This magic 30 minutes before you go to sleep can influence your life greatly, as this is when your conscious mind begins to move to the background and you become highly impressionable. During this time your brainwaves change into the theta state, and whatever you hear just before going to sleep goes deepest into your subconscious mind and has the capacity to become a hypnotic suggestion and influence the way you think.

Many of us tend to listen to the news, think of our stresses or read gossip before going to bed. The message we are receiving from all these things is usually disempowering. It just reinforces all the limiting beliefs we have and when we wake up, we feel just as stressed! A lot of people say that the morning is the best time to meditate. We say that the night is even more important because the night dictates how we feel in the morning.

Have a think about your state of mind before going to bed, does it serve you?  We suggest to use these magic 30 minutes intentionally by listening to meditations, saying positive affirmations, or being in gratitude before going to bed.  I invite you to try this for only three days and see the difference it makes to you when you wake up!