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Visualization is an age old technique popularized by ‘The Secret’ to help bring into your life that which you desire. We have found visualization to be one of the most powerful tools that amalgamates thought, emotion and action to achieve your goal. In fact visualization is one of the only concepts that focuses your entire mind towards your objective.

How does visualization work? The mind is made up of two parts: the conscious that thinks in words, and the subconscious that thinks in images. When you visualize, the part that decides what you want is the conscious mind using logic and analysis. When the vision of you achieving your goal comes to mind, the image is embedded in the subconscious mind which makes the message 6,000 times more powerful than just deciding. Hence this is one of the only times both your logical and unconscious minds will be saying the same message. Moreover if you hold the image for longer than just 30 seconds you will begin to feel the positive emotions associated with it, which tremendously increases the likelihood of actualizing your goal! Once you are in flow with this process the natural next step would be to take action to physically prepare for the fruition of that goal, and this becomes almost effortless if you continue holding the vision daily whilst feeling your empowering emotions.

The Challenge: Pick one objective/ goal that you would want to achieve before the end of the year, and visualize it taking place for 21 days in a row so that it becomes a habit and a natural part of your routine. We suggest that you choose one goal at a time so that your mind has one thing to focus on and once that goal is being achieved you can move on to something else. Do let us know how this process works for you, or if you have any questions on your journey!