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Unveiling the Awakened Woman
Veil No. 4: Unveiling Passion and Creativity with Jaz Goven

This is a sacred journey for all women on their journey back to the truth of who you are by unveiling what you are hiding.

1st June 2022
10:00 am – 12:00 pm


Jaz Goven

Unveiling Passion and Creativity – Veil No. 4

Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you’re passionate about something, then you’re more willing to take risks.

What are you passionate about that you are not allowing yourself to be, to do, to have?

What would happen if you allowed your passion to create that which you are scared to ask for, to have, to own?

What is it you aren’t allowing about passion that if you would allow it would bring you that which you can create?

What risk are you unwilling to take to unleash your passion and unveil the woman you already are?

In this super powerful unveiling, we dig deep into your unconscious and explode, annihilate dissolve everything that isn’t you, isn’t yours and no longer has value.

Get creative, get passionate, Fast Track will help you take those risks NOW!

Fast Track Technique is the premier tool for self-development, consciousness, and change. It offers solutions, brings clarity, promotes healing, and inspires change by releasing what you are NOT and replacing with what you are ready to be!

The only thing that can change if your life!




Online via Zoom