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Deep Dive Into Money Introduction Talk with Jaz Goven

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way”.
This is not philosophy. This is physics.” – Albert Einstein.

7th September 2022
6:00 pm – 7:30 pm


Jaz Goven


Hello Jaz I just got THB 215,600฿ from my very old investment today!
It never give me any profits and i never get anything from it so i almost forget about it but today they pay me. I can’t believe it

Hehe I want to share this story with everyone

Kim, Thailand

My friend asked me to do some design consulting for a couple of hours!
It turned into 3 hours of mostly fun!!
$450 usd! Woo hoo!
In my online stem cell activation business, my partners signed up a chiropractor causing my weekly commission to exceed last weeks commission by over $100 usd and it’s only Thursday!
We still have til Sunday midnight to go!
I’m loving this thriving way of life!

Martie, USA

Yesterday we left fast track meeting cause in the middle of session. Zan’s mother called and said she wanted to give us 2 acres of her land cause since I and Zan live together as a couple. She never gives us any appropriate it is time.
No joking we still in shock this also include she took us for dinner yesterday
It happened really really fast. no words to speak. Thank you thank you thank you

Praphapat Vrmk

Lol this thriving business is becoming contagious! My joymate and I were treated to a fabulous Italian dinner yesterday by my youngest son! This is new behavior for him!!! OMG!! We are all in thriving mode now! Yay! ❤️??❤️ MP USA

Hey Jaz, Here is my first thriving evidence: I had my first client signed up… Here to many more indeed!! ????
2. Did my first speaking event… (and did not back out ??)
3. Found and joined a financial circle ?(which I’ve been wanting for some time)

JK, Malaysia

Dear Jaz,
Yesterday was a big shift. I did my best to put my client in the most informed situation of their various issues/crisis but then I felt comfortable of speaking of the value of my work, and accepting that I can be charitable and still be thriving. Not something I am normally comfortable with as I tend to get a bit too sympathic and sharing of my time, knowledge and energy. The DD has definitely made a shift in me, I am still thinking of how to angle this as a way for more men to see Fast Track as their mind shifting option.

N, Malaysia

Covid exploded onto the scene and changed many things in our lives, including our relationship with money – right? We had our routines in place, we knew what to expect, what was coming in and going out. Then BAM everything changed. We couldn’t travel, people lost their jobs, started to become ‘careful’, had less money to spend, we couldn’t socialize as much, health became more of a focus and, on top of all that, prices of EVERYTHING went up.

There aren’t many of us who have not been financially affected, which brings up dormant doubts, fears and insecurities which exacerbate the situation and causes stress, anxiety and tension in ourselves, our family and professional lives.

Rising to the challenge and my own requirements I have been taking clients on DEEP DIVES into money issues and turning their lives around! They have experienced everything from improved relationships with family members, new computers, free holidays, new clients, all the way through to being given ‘land’ to build on and seemingly dead investment coming back to life and repaying BIG TIME.

In this free introduction Jaz Goven, the creator of Fast Track Technique will delve deeply into your subconscious and give insights into what is holding you back from what you want and deserve. She will discover how high or low your financial ceiling is which indicates ‘why’ money isn’t flowing to you as you want.

From here you will be invited to join a unique DEEP DIVE with 3 other people and change your relationship with money into one of Thriving, Wealth, and Abundance.

A DEEP DIVES comprises 3 sessions where you will:

Session 1: Revisit and raise your financial ceiling by releasing old programing which might not even be yours and start the process of Thriving.

Session 2: Align with Receiving – Free Money – that is something you’ve not had to work and allows more money into your life.

Session 3: Check in and upgrade your mental, emotional, and spiritual vibrations so you are totally embodying and embracing, generating and receiving all aspects of Financial Thriving, Wealth, and Abundance.

Introduction Talk
is FREE.


Online via Zoom


Evidence Of Thriving – So everyone, it is beginning to happen, I am thriving.
I had a surprise in the week when I went to purchase a new set of labels from Vistaprint for my latest 4 flower essences to join the Allies Of Nature range. Unknown to me I had a credit on my account from previous unsatisfactory jobs I had printed in the past and so the 80 labels I am having printed are all free and there is no delivery charge either.

I also made two contacts with old friends and acquaintances that work in mens mental health where my work is taking me. Synchronicities and serendipitous moments abound and ‘I’m so excited with all the opportunities that are coming in my direction over the next two weeks on my road trip and beyond.
I am so in flow at the moment that I have to pinch myself to believe that life can really be this good!!
Thanks Jaz Goven for all your help with this which seems to be complimenting all the personal development work I am doing myself also. It’s amazing!! I am very happy with where I am in life right now. I feel everything I now want for my life is emanating towards me!! At last!! Hallelujah!!

Simon, UK

I had a situation with my parents which caused me hurt and then this week my laptop decided to die. Yesterday my mother called and I chose to answer. When she asked how I was I said I was waiting for the computer man and shared what had happened. After a few minutes of talking my parents offered to pay for a new laptop. Dad told me not to worry about the price to get what I wanted/needed. I know this was their way of also apologizing for the hurt they had caused. So in 5 minutes I experienced a healing space of thriving where I felt more connected to my parents and so thankful for their offer (which I am accepting) to pay for the new laptop.

SN, India

Sharing my free money stories
I have a client who decided to give me a raise, she said it’s time, and she did
I have a program I completed the time for and was offered a month to month option which I chose not to do, yet I still have access to the whole kit and kaboodle
I chose thriving, thank you Jaz Goven


Won a small lottery today for 8000 baht.immediately after attending the Deep Dive Workshop there is no coincidence Thank you thank you thank you Thank you Jaz Goven for amazing session today. Looking forward for more evidence

Kimnapat Vrmk