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Anand Pravas

Breath Therapist & Holistic Counsellor

Pravas Ackermann’s life is a direct reflection of his relationship with his spiritual Master, Osho. From age 14, Pravas has been a meditator and followed the teachings of his beloved Master. His first visit to Osho’s ashram in 1998 gave a deep feeling of coming home’, and since then has returned again and again to deepen his meditation. At the Multiversity at OSHO Meditation Resort in Pune, Pravas experienced a variety of active/non-active meditations and alternative healing modalities; firstly to support his own healing, then later with focus supporting others’ healing, with emphasis on breathwork and also the Path of Love 8-day intensive process. (

Pravas’ main focus of work for the last 6 years has been breathwork. In addition, he is a a certified Reiki practitioner and a licensed Massage Therapist, studying California massage under Norbert Depamo Wery (Body Festival). He studied at the Diamond Breath School at Miasto Meditation Institute, Italy, before completing his full training with the BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release Institute in 2014; a certification program which meets or exceeds the standards of the following affiliated organizations and accrediting bodies for minimum required hours: –

The American Association Of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) (
The National Ministry of Education in Poland (
The International Breathwork Foundation (
The Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (

Pravas is currently in the process of obtaining a Holistic Counseling certificate with S.I.A.F. (Società Italiana Armonizzatori Familiari) in Italy, under the guidance of Osho therapists Rafia Morgan and Turiya Hanover.

Pravas’ style can be described as authentic, intuitive, empathetic and trustworthy.