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Fast Track Technique: Thriving Circle with Jaz Goven

Join Jaz as she delves into the subconscious beliefs and thought patterns that drive our behaviors and shape our experiences. Uncover the hidden barriers holding you back from thriving and unleash your true potential.

31st August 2023

28th September 2023
6:00 pm – 7:30 pm


Jaz Goven

Fast Track Technique is a powerful and intelligent energy healing system for self-investigation, realization, and transformation. Access your subconscious programming using muscle testing and the specially developed FTT cards to release mental, emotional, and physical blockages, limiting beliefs, negative behavior patterns, and programs easily and permanently.

Fast Track Technique provides immediate, permanent, and positive change addressing relationship issues, money troubles, health, self-esteem, and many more types of blockages.

This group is for YOU if you are interested in living and operating in the vibration of Thriving where ‘everything happens for you’ and life is aligned with your life purpose, things transform and you feel personally fulfilled in life.

Fed up of striving endlessly in any of these areas? personal growth, improved relationships, or professional success? This workshop will transform your life and set you on a journey of thriving vs striving.

  • 27 July 2023
    Thriving vs Striving: Transform your relationship with areas that are blocked
  • 31st Aug 2023
    Thriving In Money: Transform your relationship with money
  • 28th September 2023
    Thriving In Love: Transform your relationship with love




Online via Zoom