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Unveiling the Awakened Woman
Veil No. 1: Unveiling your Wisdom and Truth with Jaz Goven

This is a sacred journey for all women on their journey back to the truth of who you are by unveiling what you are hiding.

23rd February 2022
10:00 am– 12:00 pm


Jaz Goven

Unveiling your Wisdom and Truth – Veil No. 1

The six characteristics of a wise woman are:

  • her character as a wife, partner,
  • her devotion as a homemaker,
  • her generosity as a neighbour,
  • her influence as a teacher,
  • her effectiveness as a mother,
  • her excellence as a woman.

In this first unveiling we investigate cultural and generational resistance or reluctance to being the Wise Woman, and the Truth of the gift you already are. This unveiling will go back across all time, generations, lifetimes and uncover and release traumas and memories caused by religious, political, and cultural beliefs; being brought in by you for clearing in this lifetime.

It is interesting to recognize that when these memories and trauma are released from you at a cellular level they can no longer be passed onto future generations. You can also set the intention to clear these in your own children if appropriate for them.

Out with the old and in with the new has never been truer and as this veil releases it leaves you standing tall, independent, and strong in the full truth of The Wise Woman you ‘already are’ and came here to be.

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The only thing that can change if your life!


All 6 Sessions: HKD2,250


Online via Zoom