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Unveiling the Awakened Woman
Veil No. 6: Unveiling Desire and Sexuality with Jaz Goven

This is a sacred journey for all women on their journey back to the truth of who you are by unveiling what you are hiding.

27th July 2022
10:00 am – 12:00 pm


Jaz Goven

Unveiling Desire and Sexuality – 6

Sex is a wonderful, natural part of being human, and I’m certain it’s meant to be enjoyed. There seems no other reason why we’d have such intense concentrations of nerve endings in the sexual parts of our bodies that, when responded to well, experience desire, pleasure and bliss.

However, in the Awakened Woman there is more to sex than the superficial.
There is something important about the self that we bring to sex, the self we engage with and the journey of awakened desire and sexuality that develops. There is ‘something’ that requires more of our thought and imagination. Somehow, with all our pre-occupations with sex itself and our sexuality, we seem to have missed out on how to really understand and enjoy that part of our humanity that is sexuality.

In this final unveiling and explosive workshop, we explore the limitations of our human beingness and its beliefs, responses and behaviour patterns inhibiting our ability to enjoy Sex, Sexuality, Desire to its fullest – as an awakened sexual woman of desire, passion, and choice.

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The only thing that can change if your life!




Online via Zoom